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Announcing the Launch of the Martin Evening Excellence in Digital Retouching Award

Announcing: Martin Evening Excellence In Digital Retouching Award

Excellence in Digital Retouching – Nominated by AOP Members

Digital retouching and post-production image manipulation for commissioned or personal work, applied to still and moving imagery. Submissions must demonstrate levels of editing, grading, picture and audio finishing, deliverables and international versioning, as well as visual effects showing a high degree of proficiency in post-production techniques, producing images with the utmost visual impact within a contemporary creative framework.

Judges will be looking at essential aspects which includes photographic application of skills, the use of conceptual and aesthetic application, as well as visual effects, colour grading, audio post, screen graphics, shoot and edit and broadcast technology. Submissions may include the use of AI-assisting tools, but excludes any fully AI-generated works.

Entry Criteria

Nominees are required to have worked in the industry for at least two years and have made a real impact on a piece of work either for commissioned or personal work requested by a client. The Award may recognise an individual, or team, who consistently goes above and beyond expectations and shows a genuine curiosity and passion for digital retouching and post-production.

This special Award, initiated by the Association of Photographers, is dedicated to commemorating the late Martin Evening, a highly influential photographer who was an early pioneer of digital retouching, and to acknowledge his contribution to the excellence in digital retouching within our industry.

 A long-standing member of the AOP (Membership No. 20), Martin Evening was a noted photographer, expert digital retoucher, author and teacher. Martin had a successful 25-year career as a London based, award-winning portrait, beauty, and advertising photographer, working with some of the biggest names in hairdressing.

 In the 1990’s, Martin turned to digital imaging. He was an early pioneer in computer retouching and an early adopter of Photoshop, becoming a respected alpha and beta tester for Adobe for many years. His expertise in photo imaging led him to share his knowledge by writing over 30 books on digital imaging and photography, and became a noted speaker at major international conferences.  

 In 2008, Martin was inducted into the Photoshop Hall of Fame, in recognition as a respected leader in the industry and his contributions to the advancement and development of Photoshop.

 Martin was also a founding partner in a software company called Pixel Genius and was product manager lead creator for the product named PhotoKit Color, an award-winning Photoshop plug-in.

“Martin Evening has been a massive figure in terms of the impact of the technological changes that came to our industry with the advent of digital photography. Clearly a kindly man, he was always generous with his time and encouragement, particularly towards those entering our industry.

He will be greatly missed but his influence and legacy will live on for future generations of professional photographers.”
AOP President, Tim Flach

“Years back I was a studio assistant at a studio in Newington Green, near the Nobody’s Inn. I was straight out of art college and had hardly any experience of assisting.
One day Martin used the studio for a beauty shoot. He made me a part of the shoot, showed me the lighting set up, the before and after polaroids. I always remember how kind he was, not just knowledgeable but kind. Rest in peace Martin.”

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