AOP 360° - Looking Ahead to 2023 #10

With many still recovering from the effects of lockdowns and the pandemic, how best to face further uncertain times?
We’ve asked several industry experts within our community for their insights and tips to help you navigate the coming months and year ahead.

Angus Light, CEO / Head of Production, Locate Productions

How do you think 2023 is looking for the industry (from your perspective)? Do you have any predictions? 
We’re definitely seeing greater traction in agencies and brands wanting to work in a more climate conscious way and think 2023 could be the year that a new way of working really starts to take shape. We have recently launched our base in the South West UK to service the production needs of clients who want an alternative to traveling abroad with knock-on benefits of supporting the local communities and economies of Somerset, Devon and Cornwall.


What advice would you give photographers looking to prepare themselves for leaner times?

Smaller budgets don’t necessarily mean poorer quality work. Naturally there are going to be challenges, with expectations needing to be managed but photographers who can direct are ideally positioned to provide a mix of stills and motion content across a range of digital and social media requirements so reduced budgets could suit the more agile, nimble crews of the stills world as well as well helping reduce a clients Scope 3 emissions.

Other things that can make a big difference to both budget and reducing CO2e are to avoid flying so shooting locally and using local crews wherever possible. Sharing transport and avoiding lamb or beef in menus are also good wins for sustainable streamlined production.


Can you recommend 3 things they should consider now to prepare for the year ahead? 

Start to develop an understanding of how to shoot in a way that minimises emissions. Completing the free online Ad Green training sessions are a good start for this.

One of the biggest things we can all do more of is improving communication and building more time into the pre-production process. Efficient, well planned production is one of the biggest factors in creating cost efficient, sustainable content along with improving the wellbeing of all involved

Start to challenge existing norms about where to shoot and question whether taking a flight is absolutely necessary and consider the alternatives first. The findings from the first year of AD Green’s carbon calculator show that approx. 60% of emissions from shoots is from Travel & Transport which is likely to be a lot higher for many Stills shoots. Disposal is only 0.6%, so it shows where we need to be putting our focus when producing shoots.

Are there key pitfalls they should avoid?
Shooting in the UK does mean less guaranteed sunshine so try and build a schedule that has some flexibility in it in case of poor weather. Or choose locations that can cater for both blue and grey skies… and be open about having conversations with clients about this ahead of the shoot.


What should they be doing now to futureproof their business? 
Start to develop work that is aligned to the #changethebrief initiative ( and start to create work that is aligned to what a net zero future looks like so when brands are needing to commission work based on this you will be at the front of the queue.


How can AOP Members / Photographers contact you ? 
I can be reached on Linkedin or on email

Angus Light, CEO / Head of Production, Locate Productions

Starting out as a runner in 1998 at a location company in London, prior to the world going digital when we still scouted on film, Angus was soon producing shoots around the UK and Europe for a range of the UK’s leading agencies. 

Angus is one of the founders of Locate Productions which was set up in 2005 to service the production needs of photographers, ad agencies and brands.

Over the past few years Locate Productions has been at the forefront of helping the UK production industry tailor its approach to reaching net zero targets, contributing to the Ad Assoc Ad Net Zero 2030 report and the Ad Green Carbon Calculator. 

We’re particularly excited to see how increasingly the advertising industry is being used as a force for positive change in society through its ability to help tackle the climate crisis through its messaging and promote equality and diversity.

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