How To Enter

If you have entered the AOP Awards in previous years you will notice we have a new entry system.

  1. Purchase your entries
  2. Upload your images and enter them into your chosen categories
  3. ‘Submit’ and ‘Complete’ your entry

Here is a detailed step-by-step guide for purchasing and then uploading your entries:

Purchasing Your Entry:

1) Visit the website at

2) Choose how many images you wish to enter at this time, and click Enter Now. You can always purchase further entries later should you choose.

3) If you are a member, enter your registered email address or member ID when prompted. If you are not a member, click ‘I am not a member’ to proceed.
(Only AOP Photographer & Assisting Photographer members can enter the Photography Awards, and ALL AOP members can enter the Open Awards with discounted entry)

Note: AOP members, at this stage it is important that you enter the same email address that is registered to your membership account or you will be charged the non-member rate which cannot be refunded.

4) You will be asked to enter your name. If you registered as a member, we will know your email address – if you are not, you will be asked for it. You will also be asked to agree to the Terms and Conditions of the Awards before clicking ‘Continue’.

5) You will be shown the amount due for the entries you wish to purchase today. Click the blue ‘Pay Now’ button to make a payment via credit or debit card.

6) Once your payment is made, you will be shown the unique link at which you may upload your photos. This will also be emailed to you, along with a receipt for your payment. Remember that you must upload your images before the deadline, which is also shown here.

Uploading Your Images:

7) When you click the link shown after purchase or sent to you via email, you will be shown the number of photos you may upload and also the deadline for doing so. Click ‘Upload Images’ to get started.

8) You will see the Upload Images screen. Click ‘Choose Image’, and then select your first image file. It should be a JPEG under 10MB in filesize.

9) A green bar will show the progress of your upload. Once it reaches 100% please wait a few seconds while we process your image. If a small version of your image is shown, please continue. If you cannot upload your image this way, go to step 14.

10) When your image is shown, please enter a brief text description of it – this is kept just in case we need to ensure the image is correct – and choose which category you wish to enter it in. Click ‘Save’.

11) If you purchased more than one image entry you can continue to upload more images one after the other. When you are finished, click the ‘Edit / Complete Entry’ button.

12) This will show all your images, along with their categories. If you wish to change any, please use the ‘Edit’ or ‘Delete’ buttons.

13) Once you have uploaded all your images, and you are ready to send them to the judges, please click ‘Submit Entry’. You will be asked to confirm that you are completely finished – if so, click the ‘Complete Entry’ button. You will receive a confirmation email, and also a link that you can use – if you wish – to share your entry.

Uploading Your Images – Classic Uploader

14) If you cannot upload your images, and you are certain that they are valid JPEG files under 10MB in size, then it is likely that your web browser cannot make use of our interactive upload tool.

15) Click the link on the ‘Upload Images’ page to use the Classic Uploader. This simpler tool accepts images of up to 5MB. Click the ‘Choose File’ button, choose your image, then click the ‘Upload’ button and wait.

16) The upload may take some time. Please wait and do not click anything else or leave the page. Once it has finished, a thumbnail image will be shown. Click the link below it to add a description text, and choose a category, using the ‘Edit’ tool.

17) Repeat the Classic Uploader process until all your images are in the system, then go to Step 13 above.