Photography Awards

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Open to AOP Accredited Photographer Members and AOP Assisting Photographer Members




Entries open: Friday 11 October 2019

Entries close: Thursday 19 March 2020


Awards Terms and Conditions

If you have entered these Awards before you will see that this year has an exciting new update. Stills, Moving Image & Innovation can now be entered into each category.

  • You can enter a single or series (3-4) of images
  • You can enter a piece of moving imagery up to 7 minutes in length, demonstrating your understanding and skills within the medium. All entries in this category must reference whether the work is a collaboration with another artist be it a director, editor, colour grader, musician etc. or whether it’s the independent work of the photographer. You may wish to illustrate the creative use of technologies for example AR, VR, CGI or any other technique.
  • You can enter into innovation with an example of excellence that illustrates the creative use of technologies and innovations in the production of still images. This can be AR, VR, CGI or any other technique
  • You can enter commissioned or personal work

© Dario Mitidieri. Silver, Photojournalism, Photography Awards 2019



Curator: TBC
Covers the promotion or illustration of ideas, products, brands, corporations, etc., and imagery as part of an overall piece of lifestyle work.


Curator: Karin Rehn-Kaufmann – Art Director & Chief Representative – Leica Galleries International
Reportage, features, current affairs, or other imagery that is of an informative nature.


Curator: TBC
The subject (human or animal) is the primary focus of the image.


Curator: Jane Record – Creative Director of Photography at BBC Creative
The situation or location, including interior, landscape, architecture etc., where the whole, rather than the individual elements, is the primary focus.

Still Life & Object

Curator: Kathy Howes – Freelance Senior Creative Producer / Art Buyer
Inanimate object(s) or still life. It can be any object in any place, the emphasis being the object rather than its surroundings.

Fashion & Beauty

Sponsored by MOT Models
Curator: TBC
Fashion & Beauty photographs

Food & Drink

Curator: Elisa Merlo – Head of Photography at Deliveroo
Food and/or drink as the main focus of the image


Curator: Daniel Moorey – Head of Photography & Illustration at adam&eveDDB
A series of between 5-20 images that portray a narrative, telling a visual story.
(please note because of space limitations 8 images may be chosen by you to be included in the Awards Book and exhibition)

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If you are an AOP Assisting Photographer member

Discovered Member Award

Like our Accredited Photographer members, AOP Assisting Photographer members are eligible to enter the Photography categories with the chance of winning an AOP Discovered Member Award. This award enables us to discover and nurture new talent within our Assisting Photographer membership, and offer those who are selected, the chance to become Accredited Photographer members. If you would like to become an AOP Assisting Photographer member or would like to apply to become an AOP Accredited Photographer member, please click here.


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Entry Fees

(all prices include VAT @20%)

Early Bird Month 11 October – 17 November 2019
Single – £25.00
Series – £42.00
Project – £62.50

Regular Entry 18 November 2019 – 24 February 2020
Single – £30.00
Series – £50.00
Project – £75.00

Final Week Pricing 25 February – 2 March 2020
Single – £50.00
Series – £70.00
Project – £95.00