Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions of Entry (Photography & Open Awards)

1. Eligibility
1.1 AOP Photographer and Assisting Photographer members may enter the Photographer and Open categories.
1.2 All other membership types & non-members are only permitted to enter the Open category
1.3 Member subscriptions must be fully up to date and if membership is terminated prior to the presentation of the AOP Awards 2019 the entrant will be disqualified and any successful entry/ies removed.
1.4 All elements of the work submitted must have been originated by the entrant and created on or after 1 December 2016.
1.5 Work submitted must not have previously been entered into any AOP Awards or the Students Awards.
1.6 No entrant will be allowed to be part of either the decision-making process or the judging process.

2. Copyright
2.1 No copyright is transferred to the AOP in respect of any works entered or accepted.
2.2 Entrants shall be deemed to warrant that they own the copyright in the entire work and/or, if necessary, that they have permission from any other copyright-owner/s to enter the work, and that all necessary model and/or property releases have been obtained. The Entrant undertakes to indemnify the AOP and the sponsors of the AOP Awards 2019 in respect of any breach of the same.

3. Entries
3.1 Any and/or all AOP Photography Awards selected entries may be reproduced in various publications and outlets to promote these Awards.
3.2 The AOP may use all submitted images in digital displays presented at the AOP Awards 2019 ceremony and party.
3.3 All successful entries from the AOP Photography Awards’ categories will be published in the AOP Photography Awards 2019 Book, together with the winning images from the Open Award categories. Original prints may be displayed in the AOP Awards 2019 Exhibition and AOP Awards on Tour exhibition.
3.4 The successful entries will be displayed indefinitely on the Awards website, unless specifically requested otherwise by the entrant in writing to the AOP office.
3.5 The AOP and the sponsors of the Awards reserve the right to display, reproduce and publish in any media, any successful entry, without payment, until the end of July 2020, for the sole purpose of promoting and publicising the AOP and the AOP Awards. The AOP also reserves the right to display all the successful images on the Awards website and archive for an indefinite period unless the entrant requests otherwise in writing to the AOP office. The Photographer will be credited whenever the work is published or displayed.

4. Exhibition prints
4.1 All exhibition prints will be produced by the AOP at its cost using its preferred supplier(s) for the purposes of the exhibition only, both at its original location and any touring locations that may be secured over the subsequent 12 months. These prints are the property of the AOP and will be destroyed at the end of any exhibition period and any case at the end of a 12-month period following the launch of the exhibition.

5. Risk and Insurance
5.1 The AOP and any venue hosting the exhibition will not be responsible for any loss or damage to entries or exhibition prints, whether or not caused by negligence.
5.2 While the AOP makes every effort to ensure that the AOP Awards Book is of the highest standard, we are unable to guarantee the quality of the reproduction.

6. General
6.1 All entries must meet the conditions required under Entry Procedure, Technical Specifications and Format.
6.2 The AOP reserves the right to use its own discretion throughout, which may include, but is not limited to: Disqualifying any entrant not complying with the rules; Amalgamating categories if they are under-subscribed; Changing or removing category headings when selected images are published in the AOP Awards 2019 Book.
6.3 If it is believed that a contravention of the rules has taken place, the AOP reserves the right to examine original RAW files/negatives/positives. Any entrant unable or unwilling to supply the necessary files/negatives/positives on request will be disqualified.
6.4 Entry fees will not be refunded if entries/entrants are disqualified or entries withdrawn.
6.5 The AOP and/or curators will not move work from one category to another. An incorrect entry into a category will result in the image being withdrawn (at the Entrant’s request), and the entry fees will not be refunded.
6.6 There will be no appeals against the decision of the curators and correspondence cannot be entered into regarding the decision-making process.
6.7 Any successful entrant to the AOP Awards 2019 may be called upon during the ensuing 12-month period to participate in any appropriate marketing and PR activities for and on behalf of the AOP.
6.8 Any work selected and sold from the exhibition, including online from the Awards site, will attract the usual AOP Gallery Sales Commission Fee (currently 30% of the sale price).

Entry Procedure, Technical Specification and Format

7. Stills
7.1 Entries must be submitted online by following the instructions. A current valid email address must be included – all communications from the AOP will be made via email.
7.2 All judging will be of digital files.
7.3 There are no restrictions on the number of entries made per person. Entries can consist of either individual images, a series of images or a short moving-image piece, with no restrictions on subject matter.
7.4 When entering a Series or a Project, each group of images must be treated as a separate entry.
7.5 Where a number of images have been entered as a Project, the AOP will only exhibit up to 8 of the total number of images. The Entrant will be able to decide on the images to be selected for exhibition, if successful.
7.6 You may only enter an image once into the Awards.
7.7 Any images that are unsuccessful in the AOP Photography Awards may be entered into the Open Awards after the Entrant has been informed of the outcome.
7.8 Neither the Entrant’s name, nor any copy, must appear anywhere on the image.
7.9 Entrants may name images, however, please note that they will be re-named within the AOP entry-system, for unique and anonymous identification purposes.
7.10 File names must only contain letters (upper or lower case, and/or numbers (0-9), and/or underscore character plus the suffix .jpg. Any other characters including further dots, hyphens or spaces could result in your file being rejected during the upload process.
7.11 Images submitted online should be RGB and in JPEG format. They should be no larger than 2500 pixels on the longest edge. Your final file size must not exceed 10 megabytes.
7.12 You are responsible for preparing your images for viewing on a monitor so we suggest that images are targeted/optimized for, and tagged with, the sRGB or sRGB IEC61966-2.1 colour-space profile.

8. Moving Image
8.1 A thumbnail image of your moving image entry must be uploaded, as stated above for stills. You will be shown instructions on how to transfer your full moving image file to AOP in an email with an entry link.
8.2 Only the following format will be accepted for judging:
• H.264 encoded MP4 files
• Resolution: 1920 (width) x 1080 (Height) (HD)
• Maximum File size: 2GB • Maximum length: 7 minutes. If your submission is successful, you may be required to submit an additional shorter edit of the winning entry, for screening during the presentation.
8.3 Please note – Quicktime .MOV, Flash .SWF and Windows WMV files will not be accepted, nor will .OGG or WebM encoding.

9. Innovation
9.1 Where more than one person has contributed to the entry, the roles and responsibilities of each should be made clear.
9.2 In the event of the above (9.1), only one person is to act as the Entrant.

10. Dates & deadlines:
• 10 September 2018 – Entries open at early bird price for Photography Awards and Open
• 1 October 2018 – Early Bird (discounted rate) period ends and standard entry fee period
starts for Photography Awards and Open Awards
• 10 January 2019 – Photography category standard entry fee period ends and surcharge
period starts
• 21 January 2019 – Photography Awards close for new entries
• 11 February 2019 – Open Awards standard entry fee period ends and surcharge period
• 25 February 2019 – Open Categories close

10.2 All successful entrants must supply high-resolution digital files by 18:00 on 14 March 2019. All image credits need to be uploaded at this point. NB: copy will NOT be checked, so it is your responsibility to ensure all image credits are correct. Details of the procedure will be given when informed of the results. The high-resolution version must be supplied online as:
• a tiff
• be a minimum size of 2500 pixels along the longest side, and
• be at a resolution of 300ppi

11. Beyond The Lens events
The following terms and conditions apply to Delegates who book onto talks, workshops, portfolio reviews and any other events delivered by the Association of Photographers (AOP):

11.1 Non-attendance If you are unable to attend, you may pass on your ticket at no extra cost, provided that you notify us of the change and provide us with the name of the new attendee at least 5 working days prior to the event.

11.2 Refunds – Tickets are non-refundable.

11.3 Payment Terms – Payment is required immediately in order to secure the booking.

11.4 Photography
11.4.1 AOP may arrange for photographs and/or video footage to be taken at events and used for promotional purposes. These purposes may include but are not limited to printed documents or media, editorial use, use in advertising press and use on the internet for the purposes of promoting the AOP.
11.4.2 Delegates who do not wish for their likeness to be used in this manner must notify us prior to the event.

11.5 Data Protection
11.5.1 By submitting registration details, Delegates agree to allow AOP and companies associated with the event to contact you as required for the organisation and administration of the event.
11.5.2 The contact details (name and email address) of registered Delegates will be placed on the Attendee List. This list will be provided to our sponsors. Delegates who do not wish to be included on this list should advise us of this at the time of booking.

11.6 Events beyond our control
11.6.1 If the event is cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control, the full cost of the place will be refunded.
11.6.2 The AOP will not be liable for any other costs incurred by Delegates in the event of such a cancellation. Contact details: Any questions or notifications should be directed to the AOP here: awards@aophoto.co.uk


Terms and Conditions (Student Awards)

1. Eligibility Entry is open to those studying a recognised National Qualification, approved by QCA (Qualifications and Curriculum Authority). Students in overseas educational institutions can also enter the Student Awards, but if you are an AOP Student Member, you qualify for a discounted entry fee. A significant majority of the final image must be photographically generated. Work submitted must not have previously been entered into the AOP Student Awards competition in any form.

2. Entry procedure and format Entries may only be submitted online through www.aopawards.com. Each Entrant can submit an unlimited number of entries, but each image can only be entered once into any single category. AOP Student members get a discounted price of £5.75 per entry. Non-members pay the full price of £8.50 per entry. To access the AOP Student member discount, all entrants must use the email address associated with your AOP Student membership. Failure to do so may result in you paying the full, non-member entry fee(s), so check carefully before entering and please note that entry fees cannot be reimbursed once paid. To check your AOP Student membership email, please log into your Member Dashboard here, and look under ‘Contact Details’ on the right.

3. Image specifications Images should be in the sRGB colour-space, in JPEG format and no larger than 10MB (5MB if using the simple uploader for old web browsers) You can name each image file as you wish, however, when the entry is successfully uploaded and logged in our on-line entry system, it will be re-saved with a new unique filename to preserve anonymity during judging. Assuming you use colour management during handling of your image files, you should ensure the image is in the sRGB colour-space (Note: NOT AdobeRGB or anything else, as this does not display correctly in all web browsers).

4. Dates On-line entry will be open from 12:01am Monday 17 December 2018, until 12.00 midnight on Monday 29 April 2019. Entries received after these dates will not be accepted. Entrants will be notified of the Judges’ decision by email in May 2019.

5. Selected entries The Winners will be announced at the AOP Students Awards Presentation, which will be held in conjunction with the Student Awards Exhibition in central London in Summer 2019 (exact dates and venue will be confirmed closer to the time). All finalists are expected to print their own images for the exhibition (on Foamex, max. 50x60cm), unless told othereise. No rights are taken other than those necessary to allow the functioning of the Awards submission, judging and promotion and as laid out in section 7 below. Any sales of exhibited prints made through the AOP will be subject to a commission at the rate of 30% to Student Members of the AOP and 50% to non-Members. This amount will be deducted from the sale price and the balance will be transferred to the Entrant. Any prizes won and not collected on the night, must be collected from the AOP offices in London; we are sorry, but we are unable to send prizes onto winners.

6. Risk and insurance Whilst the AOP makes every effort to ensure that the reproduction of images is of the highest standard, we are unable to guarantee the quality of the reproduction in printed material. The AOP operates a ‘no refund’ policy for entries made in error or where there is no fault attributable to the Association, so please ensure you double-check all entries prior to submitting. Invalid entries can be removed if we are clearly notified that this is required, but a refund for that entry cannot be given. Additional or subsequent entries should be submitted using the on-line system as before.

7. Copyright and warranty AOP selected entries may be reproduced on the AOP website and in AOP publications as well as used in various additional, external publications to promote these Awards including, but not limited to, print, internet, moving image, CD-ROM or other electronic media. The AOP may use any or all selected images in various media and promotional videos in connection with the promotion of the Student Awards, the AOP Student of the Year and AOP Student Membership. The AOP and the AOP Student Awards sponsor(s) and partner(s) reserve the right to reproduce, without fee or prior permission, any work submitted to the AOP Student Awards 2017 solely in connection with promoting the Student Awards and the AOP Student of the Year. This right is granted for a period of up to 18 months from the date that on-line entry closes. All entries will be credited to the copyright owner where entries are published by the AOP through AOP channels but the AOP cannot provide any guarantees where entries are published by third-parties in connection with the promotion of the Student Awards and the AOP Student of the Year but every effort will be made to ensure that appropriate credits are in place. Each Entrant shall be deemed to warrant that: (a) they own the entire copyright in the image; (b) where joint copyright exists in the image, that the Entrant has the necessary authority and permissions to enter the image into the Awards; (c) if the work is commissioned it is submitted with the permission of the commissioner; (d) all necessary model releases and permissions have been obtained; and (e) any clearances necessary under the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988 (as amended) have been obtained. The Entrant undertakes to indemnify the AOP and its sponsors in respect of any breach of the above warranty.

8. General The AOP reserves the right to use its own discretion throughout the Student Awards process, which may include: disqualifying any entry not complying with the rules or amalgamating categories if they are under-subscribed. There will be no appeal against the decision of the judges which is final and no correspondence will be entered into in connection with the judging. By entering the AOP Student Awards you are deemed to have accepted all the terms and conditions of entry.