I Donated 100 Photography Books

A feel good story for all of us who panic at the thought of a photography book in need of a home

© Todd Antony 

I donated 100 photography books to Dudley College!

The back story …

This is Ralph.

His wife Sue contacted me to say her brother recently passed away, he was a photography enthusiast and had loads of books they didn’t know what to do with.

They had tried to give them to charity, and no one wanted them. They were going to bin / burn them!

They saw an article about me in the newspaper and got in contact to see if I could help.

I took all the books and told them I would sort it. I kept a few, sold a few and donated to a charity of their choice but there were still over 100 books left and I simply didn’t have time to sell them one by one to different people.

The next pic is Phil (the guy standing next to the car). Phil is from @dudley_college, but used to be a lecturer at my former college @sandwell.college years ago, I sent an email to a few colleges and unis I work with and Phil responded straight away saying they would love them! Dudley College Students now have a richer photography library because of a newspaper article, Ralph and Sue, myself and Phil and their photo enthusiast brother Geoff.

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