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Introducing Pixsy

We caught up with Daniel Long, Head of Marketing for Pixsy to welcome them to the AOP, find out more about what they do and how they can help our members.

1.Tell us about Pixsy, who you are and what you do. How it all began.

Pixsy was founded in 2014. Today, we are a diverse team of photographers, lawyers, and developers aiming to bring each access legal solutions to copyright infringements. We help photographers find and fight online copyright infringement of their images. Our clients are photographers, designers, illustrators, media companies, and brands. 

Pixsy works with over 100,000 creators from around the world to protect their images. Each day we monitor more than 120 million images, have uncovered 350mil+ matches, and handled over 175k copyright infringement cases.

2. What does Pixsy offer that our members can’t find elsewhere? What sets Pixsy apart?

Pixsy is unique because we provide an all-in-one service that no other competitor offers. In addition to our award-winning reverse image scanning tool, we also save photographers time by offering a number of essential services in one tool. 

For example, our tool allows photographers to issue takedowns to infringers so you get your images taken down quickly. We ensure 24/7 automated monitoring of where your images are used online, resolve and recover compensation from image theft and even register with the US copyright office to ensure your photos have the highest level of protection.

Our match results are also grouped and enriched with additional information, which no other provider does.  You get also get regular email alerts (match reports) with new matches we find.

And many clients tell us our match results are better than Google or TinEye.Importantly, our record speaks for itself. Many of our photographers continue to recommend the service to their friends and colleagues. 

We offer competitive rates and importantly, we don’t contractually oblige our customers to pursue infringements with us. We only take a fee if we are sucessful in recovering compensation.

3. Why is it important that members address these issues now?

  • Many photographers have already lost revenue. The companies/brands/sites have already used the image without a license.
  • Now is the time to enforce their rights and recover the lost revenue.
  • It’s never too late to scan the internet using our reverse image search tool and find where your images are being used. As a photographer, unless you go looking for examples of infringement, you may not even be aware of what is happening to your images on a global basis. 
  • We also recommend photographers register their work with the US copyright office on a quarterly or annual basis to ensure their work is fully protected, with a higher threshold for legal damages in the case that an infringement proceeds towards a lawsuit. 

4. What advice would you recommend to photographers, agencies or anyone else looking to safeguard their websites?

This is a very large issue that we regaulary discuss in our education-themed blog articles on our website. 

The number one tip we offer is that photographers should always monitor their images… use a tool like Pixsy that alerts you. And dont let companies get away with it. We need to teach businesses that they need budget lines for photography.

For a few general tips, we recommend that photographers don’t put public pricing on websites, preferably don’t work with stock agencies and issue accurately-worded and strong licenses to protect their copyright and the uses of your images. Keep an eye on how your images are used on social media, and if you want to let people use your images

5. How easy is it to adapt to current websites?

We work with a wide range of partner integrations to make it easy for photographers to use Pixsy within their existing workflows. These include Smugmug, Photodeck, Zenfolio, Photoshelter, Google Drive, Dropbox, and Instagram.

Our reverse image search tool can find image matches across any public website or social media profile. 

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