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No Racing No Burnouts

by Laura Lewis

© Todd Antony 

'No Racing No Burnouts' is a photography series documenting car meets in London.

Shot on 35mm over the course of three years, I attended meet-ups of car enthusiasts who gather in car parks and industrial estates to see and be seen.

Since I was a teenager I have been fascinated by and enamoured with ‘souped up’ and modified cars. As a 17-year-old I dreamed of owning a VW Golf Mk2 with full body kit and alloys. I spent a fair amount of time as a teen being driven around in my friends’ cars, listening to happy hardcore and jungle at full blast in vehicles that had been modified with huge subwoofers and UV lights.

While photographing this series I wanted to celebrate the character of the cars and their owners. I was interested in how each car was customised: the little touches, the big, exaggerated ‘look at me’ details. The people. The atmosphere. 

I became aware of the passion that had gone into all the modifications. Owners had spent thousands and thousands of pounds in some cases. Time and effort, blood, sweat and tears. 

The title ‘No Racing No Burnouts’ comes from the strict instructions to drivers on online flyers from a meet organiser to keep the event police-friendly. Were there any burnouts or any racing? I couldn’t possibly comment…

© Laura Lewis

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