Photography Awards – Environment

The situation or location, including interior, landscape, architecture etc., where the whole, rather than the individual elements, is the primary focus.


Jane Record, Creative Director at BBC Creative

I was honoured to be invited to judge this category, as I have always loved this genre of photography. I’m drawn to artworks that surround the viewer and have the ability to pull you deep into the image, I also enjoy that there is scope to push an image towards abstraction, using location and light to create a photograph that denies the true subject and creates an image of intrigue and beauty. Therefore this category was an absolute joy to judge, but also incredibly challenging, what an array of amazing work to have to choose from. The Gold and silver choices are both works that I found truly absorbing, they made me want to stop and really experience the image and they were both images that I would find myself recollecting weeks later.



Finalists Gallery