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Re-introducing: Spix's Macaw

“This is a seminal once in a lifetime event, the unprecedented release of the Spix’s Macaw back into the wild, from which it has been extinct for a generation! This umbrella species is inspiring a regeneration of its indigenous habitat and the biodiversity of the region. I feel honoured to be documenting and participating in this historical event.”

Tim Flach – Wildlife Photographer.


AOP President and award winning artist Tim Flach was invited to photograph the Spix Macaw to help raise funds for the first ever reintroduction from captivity of an extinct in the wild bird, last seen frolicking in it’s habitat by ornithologists 22 years ago. *

The plight of the species was highlighted in the 2011 animated film Rio, which told the story of a caged Spix’s Macaw named Blue. Not only a box-office hit, the film also provided the impetus to bring the parrot back to the wild. **

Tim and his team travelled across Europe by van to capture the Spix’s Macaw at the ACTP e.V. breeding facility near Berlin. Before setting off, the team had spent an entire weekend constructing a specialized aviary designed to encourage the birds to fly in a circular motion – enabling the team to capture the rare beauty of the Spix’s Macaw in a way that has never been seen before. The end result is a collection of awe-inspiring works that tell a story of resilience, liberation and freedom.***

Two weeks later on the 11th of June, Tim was in Caatinga, Brazil to document the reintroduction of the birds back into the wild and also spoke at a conference on his participation in the project.

Through the release of a series of NFTs, Tim’s support of the project has raised approximately £100,000 (excluding edition prints) and in November 2022, Christies plans to auction an extra large one off print to further raise funds towards this project. 

(Included in the NFTs drop on Nifty Gateway there was in place a carbon offset for the minting of the NFTs, through a tree planting program as well as limited edition prints.)

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