by Hannah Maule-ffinch

© Todd Antony 

Sharing some of the latest work by award winning AOP Accredited member Hannah Maule-ffinch from a recent shoot in the Seychelles on sustainable fishing.

I was commissioned by Vice and MSC to work on a sustainable fishing project in the Seychelles. Out we went on boats of all shapes and sizes, working with the most diverse set of fishers on the stunning island of Mahe. We were tasked with finding out if the fish we eat can ever be truly sustainable?

On a map, the Seychelles is just a few dots in the Indian Ocean; in reality it’s an archipelago of 115 islands, some uninhabited, which lie east of Somalia and Kenya and some 4,000 miles west of Indonesia. It’s the perfect stop-off point for vessels that have spent long months at sea, and this has created a harmonious mix of African, Indian and Moorish cultures mixed with that of its European colonisers. But it’s the Creole language which shows where its heart lies.


Read full Vice article here 


All images © Hannah Maule-ffinch

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