AOP Photography Awards

The 38th AOP Photography Awards are open to all AOP Accredited Photographer and Assisting Photographer members.

© Todd Antony 

DOCUMENTARY Category Finalists

Featured Image © Euan Myles, The Fire festivals of Shetland – Galley Fire

Factual / observational photography and short form film documenting real-life that informs or promotes ideals. Includes photojournalism and reportage photography.

Judged by:

  • Christopher Anderson, Magnum Photos Photographer
  • Ivy Lahon, Head of Creative and Content, Save the Children
  • Sarah Gilbert,  Features Picture Editor, Guardian News & Media

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GOLD Winner - Matthew Joseph

Bike Life
This short film comprises still images & interviews from six members of the cycling subculture community, known as ‘BikeLife’. Shot across New York and Baltimore, I wanted to dive beneath the surface of this apparent anti-social and menacing movement to tell the real stories of those on the front line.

What is revealed is a lifestyle of acceptance, belonging, camaraderie & hard-graft. Up-skilling themselves to a point of providing a way out and forward from their starting point in life; careers are being formed.
(… Read more in his featured post below or via @matthewjosephphoto )

© Matthew Joseph

Based in London & shooting internationally, my passion for photography has introduced me to many different cultures, climates and experiences over the years. The people I meet and the light and sights I see, continually inspire and propel me on an ever-evolving creative journey. I consider it a privilege.
I’m a visual storyteller, always chasing the next big challenge. I’ve been lucky enough to collaborate with many global brands & creative agencies over the years, some of whom I now get to call friends. I’m drawn to human emotion & create stills & films centred around people and life, inspired by that raw energy of a caught moment. I strive to keep my imagery honest & relatable, all delivered with a touch of cinematic gloss.

Produced, shot and directed by Matthew Joseph.

SILVER Winner - Steven Mark Fisher

Small Moments
For me, a large part of being a photographer has always been about exploring the relationships people have with their environment and each other. Naturally, when you start your own family, you can’t help but set your eye on what is unfolding in front of you on a daily basis. Within this series of images (which is part of a larger ongoing piece of work), I try to find beauty in the ordinary moments and routines of my everyday family life. The scenes have a strong sense of composition but are created by simply observing and documenting moments. which at the time can feel chaotic, yet within the still photograph, have a calmness and sense of greater meaning…. (Read more in his previous featured post or via @stevenmfisherphoto )

Small Moments – Coffee break
Small Moments – Shared Bathroom
Small Moments – First Cut
Small Moments – Kitchen Nail bar
Small Moments – New Room

© Steven Mark Fisher

Congratulations to Finalists:

  • Francis Augusto

  • Jonathan Browning

  • Nick David

  • Steven Mark Fisher

  • Terry Graham

  • Will Hartley

  • Samuel Hicks

  • Matthew Joseph

  • Lesley Lau

  • Hannah Maule-ffinch

  • Euan Myles

  • Tom Parker

  • Sarah Louise Ramsay

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