AOP Photography Awards

This years 37th AOP Photography Awards are open to all AOP Accredited Photographer and Assisting Photographer members.

© Todd Antony 

AOP Photography Awards are now open

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© Simon Puschmann

Entries Open – Noon Tuesday 12 October 2021 
Entries Close – Midnight Monday 24 January 2022

The AOP Photography Awards are known as the Oscars of the photography world. They celebrate excellence in the creative photography and image making industry. 

This year’s Awards will open in October 2021 and close in January 2022 with winners being revealed in February 2022. Gold and Silver winners and selected finalists with be exhibited at the AOP Showcase event in Spring 2022. 

This is your chance to be seen by leading commissioners and names within the photographic industry.

As in previous years stills, Moving image & Innovation can now be entered into each category. 

All images must have been created on or after 1 January 2019 with the exception of the Project category, which must be created on or after 1 January 2017.

  • You can enter a single or series (2-5) of images. 
  • You can enter a piece of moving imagery up to 7 minutes in length, demonstrating your understanding and skills within the medium. All entries in this category must reference whether the work is a collaboration with another artist be it a director, editor, colour grader, musician etc. or whether it’s the independent work of the photographer. You may wish to illustrate the creative use of technologies for example AR, VR, CGI or an other technique. 
  • You can enter works of innovation with an example of excellence that illustrates the creative use of technologies and innovations in the production of still images. This can be AR, VR, CGI or any other technique.
  • You can enter commissioned or personal work in all categories.
  • You can win Gold and Silver in each category.


© Nick David
© Nick David


Judged by:

Fictional / staged photography reflecting lifestyle scenarios, that illustrate or promote brands, corporations, products, and ideas.


Sponsored by Williamson Carson

Judged by: Andy Greenacre, Director of Photography at Telegraph

Photography where the subject, human or animal, is the primary focus of the image.

© Kristina Varaksina
© Kristina Varaksina
© Joshua Sneade
© Joshua Sneade


Sponsored by Currency UK

Judged by: Giles Duley

Factual / observational photography documenting real-life that informs or promotes ideals. Includes photojournalism and reportage photography.


Judged by:

Photography where the overall situation or location is the primary focus of the image. Includes interiors photography, and urban and natural landscape

© Nick Howe
© Nick Howe
© Lewis Khan
© Lewis Khan

Still life + Object

Judged by: Victoria Gaiger - Founder & Creative Director of Rakes Progress magazine

Photography where still life or objects are the primary focus of the image. This can be any type of object in any place.

Food + Drink

Judged by:

Photography where food or drink is the primary focus of the image.

© Aaron Graubart
© Aaron Graubart
© Mattew Shave
© Mattew Shave

Fashion + Beauty

Sponsored by MOT Models

Judged by:

Photography that illustrates or promotes clothing or beauty products.


Judged by:

Photography where sport or fitness activity is the primary focus of the image, includes sports fans and venues.

© Sam Robinson
© Sam Robinson
© Matthew Joseph
© Matthew Joseph


Judged by: Jenny Ricketts

A long-term photographic project on a singular subject that portrays a narrative, illustrated in a series of 10-20 images. Because of the longform nature of the work images can be originated over a maximum of fire year period. (Please note because of space limitations up to 8 images may be chosen to be included in the Awards Book and exhibition)

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AOP Discovered Member Award 
Like our Accredited Photographer members, AOP Assisting photographer members are eligible to enter the Photography Categories with the chance of winning an AOP Discovery Award. This award enables us to discover and nurture new talent within our Assisting Photographer membership, and offer those who are selected, the chance to become Accredited Photographer members. If you would like to become an AOP Assisting Photographer member or would like to apply to become an AOP Accredited Photographer member, please click here. 


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Entry Fees
(All prices include VAT @20%)

Early Bird 12 October – 9 November 2021
Single – £25.00
Series – £42.00 
Project – £62.50

Regular Entry 10 November 2021 – 17 January 2022
Single – £30.00
Series – £50.00
Project – £75.00

Final Week Pricing18 January 2022 – 24 January 2022
Single – £50.00
Series – £70.00
Project – £95.00

Assisting Photographer member prices
To encourage new talent and support the work of our Assisting Photographer members, the AOP offers them a vastly reduced rate, available across the whole entry period. These prices are:
Single – £15
Series – £25 
Project – £37

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© Todd Antony

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Black Culture in Britain: Canary Wharf Arts+ Events

To celebrate this year’s Black History Month in October, Canary Wharf Arts + Events and the AOP are holding a special month-long exhibition at the Crossrail Place Roof Garden in Canary Wharf. We will be celebrating black culture both through images and the stories of the photographers who have taken them.