Student Awards

The 2022 AOP Student Awards Finalists and winners are here. Inspiring, thought-provoking and full of visual truth, “… the future of photography is certainly bright”.

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AOP Student Awards 2022

Announcing the winners of the AOP Student Awards 2022 and the AOP Course of the Year and AOP Lecturer of the Year as voted for by their students. Inspiring, thought-provoking and full of visual truth - "the future of photography is certainly bright!"

Announced live via Zoom earlier today Friday 24 June  by CEO Isabelle Doran with an introductions from Accredited Photographer, Board Director and Chair of the AOP Education Group Adam Shaw, we are delighted to reveal the category Gold and Silver Winners for the 2022 Awards.

We extend our congratulations to all our Winners and Finalists and thank our judges as well as all those who entered.  We encourage you to visit the AOP Student Awards Showcase at Free Range, Truman Brewery.

Paris Tankard

Best in Show
+ Gold People Category Winner

Judge: Charlie Clift

I, untitled.

‘I untitled. explores the relationship between my black identity and my identity as a queer person showing how both may be at odds with each other but they have come together to create who I am.’  Paris Tankard

Of the Winner, Judge Charlie Clift said;

It’s not often that I see an image so truly arresting. But the Gold Award winner does just that. It’s powerful, playful and stylish – all at the same time. The way the photographer has shown just enough detail to draw you in, those eyes looking straight out at you, determined. I want to know more about this person, I want to meet this person. What more could you want in a portrait? Huge congratulations to the brilliant photographer who made this piece. I can’t wait to see more of their work.” 

Danielle Kalinovskis

Silver - People Category

HNC Photography, Morley College, London

Renaissance of Plastic Waste

Renaissance of Electronic Waste

Renaissance of Covid Waste

Renaissance of Ocean Waste

‘This work is from an ongoing series inspired by paintings from the Dutch Masters and Caravaggio, and is a commentary on the intersection between climate change and racial injustice. It explores the over-consumption of the global north and the excessive burdens it places on the global south by exporting vast amounts of waste to landfills. As such each portrait is centred around a different item of environmental waste. The series also highlights how people of colour, especially in the global south are disproportionately affected by climate change.’  Danielle Kalinovskis

Art should encourage discussion, and the silver winner does so originally and beautifully. I loved the way the series references the Dutch masters to comment on the continuously frayed and complex relationship between the Global North and South. The styling invites a second glance and a deeper reflection, and there is an honest connection with the sitters.”  Charlie Clift’

Kate White

Gold - Places Category

Nottingham Trent University


Untitled, Untitled, Untitled, Untitled

The Gold winner struck me with real force, there is such a strong narrative in this series. The connection to a place, of the home and land we inhabit. I found the composition and the use of the continuing horizon really moving, and I really felt like I was there, in the space, witnessing something important. The use of black and white added to the narrative in a timeless way.

It felt like a deeply personal set of images but the anonymousness of the place and models also meant that, for me, it could be anyone’s story. Each one of the images worked, there wasn’t a weak link in the series. A really accomplished set of photographs. Just superb.”      Sarah Hogan

William Turner

Silver - Places Category

University of Derby – Professional & Applied (Photography)


The Observatory

The Lighthouse

The Church

The Lone Tree

‘My photographic practice is inspired by a personal fascination with sci-fi & supernatural movies. I am captivated by the speculative realism within them, which is the believability and likelihood that these events could happen. Humans have always paired aliens & supernatural events with geographical locations and monuments; I have taken liberty in recreating these occurrences around singular structures of architecture. This project required me to understand the technical aspects and techniques needed to create a convincing sci-fi landscape.

The images created for this project apply techniques of long exposure and light painting along with being a skilled drone pilot. I chose to use popular landmarks from around the United Kingdom as my singular structures which required a large amount of travelling across the country. The work of the cinematographers Greig Fraser & Roger Deakins inspires the cinematic aesthetic within my work via films such as Star Wars Rogue One, The Batman & Blade Runner 2049.’   William Turner

“The Silver winner is awesome. I kept being drawn back into this cinematic set of photographs. I could see the dedication, effort and technical ability that went into creating this story. A real sense of invention and imagination shone through. The land, the buildings and trees that we maybe see every day become otherworldly and supernatural. Each image could be a standalone large print but it still works as a series and I want to see more.”    Sarah Hogan

Madeleine Roberts

Gold - Things Category

Falmouth University

Aqua Fortis

Aqua Fortis 1, Aqua Fortis 2, Aqua Fortis 3, Aqua Fortis 4

“Water is the core of life, and this can be embodied within alternative photography. Water represents life, living and the natural world and becomes the centre of photography within this body of work. It takes on different shapes, forms and flows to transcend into a different world. There are celestial elements to the work that represent the process of being created at night. Through the combination of darkroom and location prints, you become immersed and enter the realm of water, away from the everyday hustle and bustle of life, where there is the opportunity to escape and connect with the natural world.”   Madeleine Roberts

“I was so taken with the elusive, transient feeling, liquid nature of these pictures.  They appear to me like a microcosm of the world that maybe some of us are inhabiting at the moment: fluid, ungraspable, a little melancholic and sometimes unexpectedly beautiful.  They are so affecting, and though (nearly) black and white, they are also curiously contemporary.”    Sarah Thomson

Karo Birger

Silver - Things Category

BA Photography, University of South Wales


Photography features octopus and crab, and their reflection.

Photography features cold water lobster tail.

Photography features mussels and half shelf king scallops.

Photography features half shelf king scallops, prawns and lobsters’ claws.

“Denouement “questions a consumerist model of life, exploring why so many marine animals are lost for human pleasure. Through colourful and vibrant images, the project attempts to highlight the beauty of those creatures. Sea animals are accounted for the highest number of animals killed, between 1.2 trillion to 2.7 trillion yearly.

In many countries without any laws, not treated as living and sentient beings, often killed unnecessarily by the commercial fishing industry, or as a result of pollution of the sea with plastic, marine animals are victims of human consumerism. By creating a visual connection to the beautiful and precious thing, I allowed the audience to immerse into an imaginative and playful world, where the real value of marine animals can be seen.”  Karo Birger


I found these pictures instantly appealing.  I love their spectacular vibrancy and unflinching joy in the colour and form of some of our most recognisable marine life.  And in each shot the clever intimation of the watery, depths from where they emerge.  Seeing how beautiful these creatures are also reminds me that they and their habitats should be protected at all costs.”    Sarah Thomson

James Russell Cant + London Metropolitan University

AOP Course of the Year 2022 & Lecturer of the Year

Congratulations to James Russell Cant and London MetropolitanUniversity who have been voted AOP Lecturer of the Year and AOP Course of the Year by students.

A total of  21 Courses were nominated and out of 38 individual Lecturers, James was the clear winner.

Of him Students said;

“Without James my final term project wouldn’t have been as exciting as it is now.”

`’James has been an incredible course leader and tutor throughout all three years. He encourages and celebrates your achievements, he is also there when you need support, advice. He would always think what’s best for you as he simply cares so much. I couldn’t be more lucky to have joined this university, and a big part of my decision was meeting James and having a conversation with him. I couldn’t recommend him more for this award, if anyone deserves it, it’s definitely him.”

Categories - See our finalists in full

Whatever your vocation, passion, course or age, we invite you to inspire us with your photography.


Judge: Charlie Clift

This category covers any form of people-photography from portraiture to street photography, photojournalism and beyond. The People category is an opportunity to make visual comments about the human race and its ways. In previous ‘portrait’ categories, animal pictures have been featured but the originators of this category feel that entries this year should feature the human race.


I was honoured to be asked to judge this year’s submissions. I found the diversity of entries was truly inspiring. The breadth of approaches and the depth of thought that went into the works made it a real challenge to choose the winners. These emerging photographers are a good reminder of the importance of speaking your own truth and showing the world as you see it.” 

Charlie Clift


Congratulations to all our People category finalists;

  • Erica Cannon, Solent University
  • Oliver Barnett,  BA Hons Photography – Staffordshire University
  • Heather Emery, Arts University Bournemouth, BA (Hons) Commercial Photography
  • Jade LA Fisher, Editorial and Advertising Photography BA Hons, University of Gloucestershire
  • Danielle Kalinovski, HNC Photography, Morley College, London
  • Andy Bir, The Royal College of Art
  • Kasia Kowalska, London Metropolitan University / School of Art, Architecture and Design, BA (Hons) Photography
  • Satha Nanthan Letchumanan, Arts University of Bournemouth, MA Photography
  • Maia Cazzani, BA (Hons) Commercial Photography for Fashion, Advertising and Editorial, Arts University Plymouth
  • Morgan McCaskie, HND Photography (Year 1) at City of Glasgow College
  • Fin McMillan,  MA Photography at Arts University Bournemouth (AUB)
  • Phoebe Nightinglae, Commercial Photography at Arts University Bournemouth
  • Caitlin Orridge,  BA (Hons) Photography Degree at Newcastle College University Centre
  • Paris Tankard,  BA Photography, University of South Wales,
  • Debbie Todd,  The Northern School of Art, BA Photographic Practise with Moving Image 
  • Callum Wells, BA Photography, Norwich University of the Arts
  • Boyd Wild, BA in Professional Photography at Edinburgh Colleges


Judge: Sarah Hogan

Rather than duplicate possible locations such as landscapes and architecture, we offer this category which provides unlimited opportunities. We promise that we will be as flexible as you need us to be.


“I was truly honoured to be asked to judge the Places category for the 2022 AOP student awards. I was incredibly impressed with the entries, not only on a technical level but also from a storytelling perspective as well.

There were so many beautiful photographs and thought-provoking series that took me on a visual journey. Compelling themes such as mental health, loss, faith and sorrow, and a physical (and sometimes raw) connection to the earth ran through the images.

So well done to all who entered, it was very difficult to narrow down the winners. The future of photography is certainly very bright!”

Sarah Hogan

Congratulations to all our Places category finalists;

  • German Aljabjev, City of Glasgow College
  • Judith Bach,  BA (Hons) Photography Degree, Open College of the Arts
  • Georgia Gadsby, BA (hons) Photography at the University of Derby
  • Grace Legget, BA Photography, University of South Wales,
  • Aidan Cocker, BA/Hons Photography at Norwich University of the Arts
  • Thomas Donnelly,  BA(HONS)Photography, Falmouth University
  • Rowan Collinson, Norwich University of the Arts, BA (Hons) Photography
  • Diminika Gruźlewska, HND Photography course + bachelor degree in Photography, both at City of Glasgow College
  • Alex Leat, Press & Editorial Photography at Falmouth University
  • B Mumford
  • Mark O’Halleron, Falmouth University, MA Photography
  • Duncan Petrie,  Marine & Natural History Photography at Falmouth University
  • © Jolanta Pakla-Plebankiewicz, HND2 Professional Photography at Edinburgh College
  • Glenn Porter,  Master of Art Photography at Falmouth University
  • Jessica Roberts, Falmouth University
  • Jason Stirland, Norwich University of the Arts / BA (Hons) Photography
  • William Turner, University of Derby – Professional and Applied (Photography
  • Kate White, Nottingham Trent University
  • George Cook,  Arts University Bournemouth, MA Photography


Judge: Sarah Thomson

This category covers almost everything else. Think Irving Penn’s found objects, Mapplethorpe’s flowers, Ori Gersht’s explosions, cats, dogs, bats and monkeys by Tim Flach, and sublime still-lifes by Richard Maxted and then make something unique and sensational of your own. We can’t wait to see your work.


“There were so many pictures I loved in this category!  Both the Singles and Series.  It gave me great pleasure to look at every one of them and it was an impossible privilege and an honour to judge them!  The work was very strong.  Overall a lot of the work felt either very elemental or quite disarmingly raw, as if the last couple of years have removed a layer of dissembling – and I was in awe of the level of visual truth that the Photographers seemed prepared to reveal to the viewer.”

Sarah Thomson

Congratulations to all our Places category finalists;

  • Bethan Carys Evans,  second year at Falmouth University
  • Helen Rosemier,  University for the Creative Arts / BA in Photography
  • Guilia Ballarin,  London Metropolitan University
  • Jemma Bannocks, MA Photography with Falmouth University with their Flexible Falmouth programme
  • Karo Birger,  BA Photography, University of South Wales,
  • Sarah Blandford, MA Film and Photography at the University of Derby
  • Felicity Ann Butcher, BA(hons) Photography at Falmouth University
  • Ellie Mae Cooper,  BA (Hons) Photography at Falmouth University
  • George Eccles, BA (Hons) Photography course at Norwich University of the Arts
  • Hannah Halls, University of Cumbria
  • Carla Marcia Girvan, City Of Glasgow College
  • © Fin McMillan, MA Photography at Arts University Bournemouth (AUB)
  • Ellie Pashley, BA Photography at Norwich University of the Arts (year 3 )
  • Madeleine Roberts, Falmouth University
  • Alexandra Totterdell, BA (Hons_ Photography, University of Derby
  • Jennifer Woolnough Rai, University of Glos, Editorial & Advertising Photography

Entries have now closed for the
AOP Student Awards 2022

Join us on Friday 24 June for the Announcement of Gold and Silver Category Winners, Best in Show the AOP Course  of the year and the AOP Lecturer of the year!

Stay tuned for details!

Gold and Silver winners, along with finalists, may also appear in a final showcase event and also feature in The AOP Photography Awards book.

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Student Awards Judges

Meet our judges for the Student Awards 2022

Charlie Clift_LR

Charlie Clift

Category: People

Charlie is a photographer and director who works globally for clients including BAFTA, GQ, The Sunday Times Magazine, The NHS, Coca Cola, and Action for Children. To keep things fresh Charlie always has a personal project on the go. From a dance film looking at the ups and downs of the creative process to his own mental health campaign, he loves experimenting with different ways of making images and telling stories. Charlie’s work had been published and exhibited widely. You might have seen it in the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize at the National Portrait Gallery, The Creative Review Photo Annual, the D&AD Awards, and The AOP Awards.

Photography copyright Wendy Carrig ©2019 All Rights Reserved

Sarah Hogan

Category: Places

Sarah is a UK based Interior and still life photographer with over 20 years’ experience in the industry. Moving frequently between 3 different countries and a degree in Mixed Media Art set Sarah on a creative path where photography became more than just a passion. Her personal work often has a playful colourful element, surrealism and Bauhaus being favorite art movements. Sarah has contributed imagery to many magazines, books and private clients, co-authored interior design book Bold British Design and her latest book ‘The Life Eclectic’ by Alexander Breeze is out now. Sarah was proud to be involved with the launch of f22 at the AOP which aims to promote, engage and connect female talent within the AOP. Sarah is currently a member of the assistant working group.

Sarah Thomson

Category: Things

Sarah is Head of Art Production at One Unilever at Ogilvy in London.

Prior to this she was Head of Art Production at Fallon and an Art Buyer at DDB London and AMV BBDO.

Before working as an Art Buyer Sarah was Gallery Manager at the Zelda Cheatle Gallery and a Producer for Nadav Kander, following starting her career as a Photographer’s Agent, with Catherine Collins.  

She has judged numerous Photography and Illustration Awards, and advised, talked and contributed to various books on the subject of advertising, photography and illustration.

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