AOP Photography Awards

The 38th AOP Photography Awards are open to all AOP Accredited Photographer and Assisting Photographer members.

© Todd Antony 

ENVIRONMENT Category Finalists

Photography and short form film where the overall situation or location is the primary focus of the image. Includes outdoors, environmental and natural landscape photography.

Judged by:

  • Klaus Thymann, Photographer
  • Amy Grant, Head of Content and Creative, Friends of The Earth
  • Dominic Stevenson, Head of Production, Jump- Havas Entertainment
Featured Image © Nick Meek, Heliotropian 4

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GOLD Winner - Euan Myles

“In August 2022 to the refuse collectors of the city of Edinburgh decided enough was enough and they needed to strike like many public sector workers who are fighting for better pay and conditions. It is very true that you only miss them once they stop doing their job!
In August in Edinburgh the world famous Edinburgh Festival and Festival Fringe were in full swing with tourists from all over the world able to enjoy culture of the highest order after the pandemic years.

But instead of pristine mediaeval and Georgian city they were faced at every turn with overflowing bins of rotting food and drink, pavements that your feet would adhere to and rats running a riot in the middle of the day.

Eventually after four weeks the strike was called off to the great relief of all and hopefully with a greater apriciation of the men and women that deal with our rubbish I decided one night to go out and photograph some of the piles of rubbish and detritus that had started to build up around every bin. I took lights and lit them up in the middle of the night to document this strike.

Almost every five minutes while photographing several dozen bins I would get the fantastic retort of – “Don’t bother photographing that it’s going to be a rubbish photograph.”


© Euan Myles

SILVER Winner - Joseph Ford

Impossible Street Art
“This collaborative project showcases the world street artists would create if there were no limits. My starting point was to imagine if street artists could work on any surface, not restricted by scale, accessibility, safety or rules.
Locations included in the first release of Impossible Street Art include the heavily guarded Panthéon in Paris, England’s iconic Seven Sisters chalk cliffs and the centre strip of a Los Angeles freeway.

I give collaborating artists large photographic prints of these locations, and they paint or draw on them, creating original, handmade artwork with no digital manipulation. I then re-photograph each artwork on an easel in the original location, creating a glimpse into a parallel universe where street artists have complete artistic freedom.

These images are created for real, not with CGI or Photoshop. The first release numbers eight prints, with each work highlighting its artist’s unique style – from Ador’s imaginative characters to Peeta’s optical illusions and Victoria Villasana’s integration of textiles.
… Read more in his featured post on our Instagram grid or via @josephfordphotography

© Joseph Ford

Congratulations to the Finalists:

George Brooks
Dan Burn-Forti   
Zoe Economides
Joseph Ford
Zack Frackelton
Ben Gold
Trevor Ray Hart
Kin Ho
Henrik Knudsen    
Nick Meek
Euan Myles
Derek Seaward
Michael Schnabel
Greg White

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