AOP Photography Awards

The 38th AOP Photography Awards are open to all AOP Accredited Photographer and Assisting Photographer members.

© Todd Antony 

FOOD & DRINK Category Finalists

Photography and short form film where food or drink is the primary focus of the image.

Judged by:

  • David Loftus, Photographer
  • Alex Durbridge, Founder and Creative Leader, Friends (and Family)
  • Kimberly Hoang, Freelance Picture Editor/Creative Producer/Shoot Producer
Featured Image © Robert Billington, Sugar Snaps
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“A delicious selection of images and a joy to judge.  Not just for the mouth-watering appeal, but for the storytelling we saw too..”

Alex Durbridge

“There were many images which had an impact on me. Some were humorous and some were really well executed.  The one’s which hit home were the images which told me a story and brimmed with creativity.  The art is the creative process, not just the finished photo.”

Kimberley Hoang

GOLD Winner - Frankie Turner

Excuse me sir, I didn’t mean to put that there
A passion project of photographer Frankie Turner, Food stylist Keiron George and Prop + Wardrobe stylist Victoria Twynman. ‘Excuse Me Sir, I didn’t mean to put that there’ was born out of wanting to make a mess, try new techniques and make something for the hell of it. An accumulation of lots of lockdowns, with large feasts being off the table for so long are channeled into a pastel-hued cornucopia of confectionary delights with a stylistic nod to the last queen of France before the French Revolution. With her final words being noted as “Pardon me, sir, I meant not to do it” as a cheek remark before her execution; Marie Antoinette’s final words became a line to sum up a project that asks for extravagance, lavishness and self indulgence.

Excuse me sir, I didn’t mean to put that there
Let them eat…
Trio of Cakes
The Aftermath
Say when ?

© Francesca Turner

Paired with strong styling and surrounded by a great team, Frankie always makes her subject a ‘clean read’, deliciously enticing and a celebration of the joy of eating! She often separates food from more traditional table top settings, allowing each object to become a hero. Approaching each project with a rigorous still-life eye grounded in traditional techniques. She creates both stills and motion imagery featuring food, beverages, products and people.

SILVER Winner - Graeme Fordham

Wild Bavaria
Before the finness of the plating comes the origin. Organic, locally farmed Bavarian game and fresh catch is combined with elements of the natural environment it was sourced from, in whole and as a preparation. Presented with locally grown mushrooms, berries and vegetables. This was a collaborative project between Lorenz Hartmann of ‘Hofkitchen’ and Myself to highlight the kitchen’s source to table concept. All the ingredients and natural elements are found within the local radius of the farm kitchen, utilising a strong regional partner network.
…Read more via feature on our Instagram grid or via @graeme.fordham

Photographer – Graeme Fordham
Chef – Lorenz Hartmann

© Graeme Fordham

Graeme is a British Photographer, Director of Photography & Film Maker based out of Munich. He has been working with incredible brands, agencies and publications for over 18 years in the commercial and editorial media fields. On the road, he has managed to combine his love of food and culture with projects, travelling widely for work, and often the extra mile for an authentic taste of the local cuisine.

Congratulations to Finalists:

Robert Billington
Graeme Fordham
Jonathan Gregson
Louise Hagger
Chloe Hardwick
Jonathan Knowles
Rob Lawson
Euan Myles  
Karen Thomas
Frankie Turner

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