AOP Photography Awards

The 38th AOP Photography Awards are open to all AOP Accredited Photographer and Assisting Photographer members.

© Todd Antony 

SPACES Category Finalists

Photography and short form film where interior spaces, built exteriors and locations are the primary focus of the image.

Judged by:

  • Simon Kennedy, Photographer
  • Patricia Taylor, Picture Director Hearst Magazines (Interiors portfolio)
  • Julia Kendell, Interior Designer, TV Presenter
Featured Image © Jo Sax, Avocado Bathroom

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GOLD Winner - Kate Peters

Two Temple Place
Commissioned by William Waldorf Astor in 1895, Two Temple Place, a Neo Gothic gem sits above Victoria Embankment, London. The unique interior almost entirely wood panelled with incredible detail. Commissioned to create a portrait of this unique building I spent late summer following the light around these ornate rooms, trying to bring them to life.

Morning Sun in the Great Hall
Light streams through the windows of the mahogany panelled Great Hall.

Hidden Door
A hidden door built into the beautiful wood panelling lies open leading the way to the great hall

Panelled Room and Tea Cup
A cup remains at the table after a meeting in the room at Two Temple Place. A neo-gothic residence built for William Waldorf Astor.

An artist sketches the ornate panelling in the central atrium.

Reflections on the West Window
The West Window in the Great Hall of Two Temple Place. The window was made by the Clayton and Bell Glass Art Studio in 1895

© Kate Peters

Photographer Kate Peters explores the intricate bonds between individuals and their surroundings. Rooted in a psychological perspective, her work delves into the pursuit of authenticity, community, a sense of belonging. Photography serves as a conduit for engaging with the world, forging connections, and facilitating meaningful exchanges. Ultimately, she strives to capture an essence of what it is to be Human, to experience.

SILVER Winner - David Valinsky

Light in the German church
I am an architectural photographer with passion for photographing churches. During 2022, a stay in Konstanz allowed me to make photographs in a large number of buildings, from which this small series is taken. The five images are from different buildings that span a millennium. What unites them is an interest in how the light enters the building and its effect on surfaces.

© David Valinsky

My background is in architecture and architectural history, a combined experience that informs the way I approach the representation of spaces and buildings.

I set up David Valinsky Photography in 2019 with a passion for representing good architecture of all ages. Since then I have had the pleasure of documenting buildings from historical treasures to mould-breaking new work for a broad range of clients: architects, contractors, building owners, even furniture designers.

My photography has received awards and recognition from national and international organisations and has appeared in the print and digital press, from newspapers to journals and magazines.

Congratulations to Finalists:

  • Eleanor Church
  • Nick Dawe
  • Sarah Hogan
  • Andrea Jones
  • Richard Lewisohn
  • George Logan
  • Marcus Peel
  • Kate Peters
  • Jo SaxJoerg Steck
  • Yuki Sugiura
  • David Valinsky
  • JC Verona

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