AOP Photography Awards

The 38th AOP Photography Awards are open to all AOP Accredited Photographer and Assisting Photographer members.

© Todd Antony 

SPORT Category Finalists

Featured Image © David Ryle – Almadraba, Surfer, Anchor Point

Factual / observational photography and short form film documenting real-life that informs or promotes ideals. Includes photojournalism and reportage photography.

Judged by:

  • Cathrine Wessel -Director / Photographer
  • Ronaldo Taveres – Executive Creative Director, M&C Saatchi Sport & Entertainment
  • Dr Rashmi Becker MBE – Sport England & Founder: Step Change Studios
“I was encouraged by the diversity represented in this year’s images, in the sports category. Different bodies are captured during a variety of physical activities with strong visual narratives of grit, passion and play.”
Dr Rashmi Becker MBE, Sport England & Founder: Step Change Studios
“Well first of all it was a huge honour to judge this work. Seeing some brilliant photography being made throughout the year in the sports category, you know the selection was really really good…(and)…it was a hard job to to separate them.  Everyone that was in the short list should be super ultra mega proud.
There was some brilliant stuff,  I saw some photography done in studio in a way that is usually not done in studio – some special captured moments which is impossible to not to relate to if you if you have any skill in the game. The films as well I think [reflect a trend]  that’s growing with photographers eyes expanding to moving image as the industry requires them to do so.  They they been doing some brilliant work with images in movement which is incredible.  You look at film that is shot by a photographer’s eye, it’s craft is outstanding.”
Ronaldo Tavares

GOLD Winner - Matthew Joseph

Parkour is a sport, a hobby and a social subculture of the 21st century. But, for some it’s also a vehicle of artistic expression. ‘Cameron’ takes the viewer into the mind of one such artist revealing how this combination of urban exploration, athletics and creativity provides opportunity to escape into a world of ultimate physical expression.

Cameron was Matthew’s first ever subject for the photography series which became ‘JUMP’. He was 14 when they first met, and making an impression on the South African Parkour scene. Four years later, Matthew returned to Cape Town to produce and direct this film – further exploring Cameron’s journey; which has taken him from a parkour enthusiast to a career in the professional stunt world. See more here:

© Matthew Joseph
Camera operator – @sambowks.
Edit – Sam Hopkins
Grade – Yoomin Lee

Based in London and shooting internationally, my passion for photography has introduced me to many different cultures, climates and experiences over the years. The people I meet and the light and sights I see, continually inspire and propel me on an ever-evolving creative journey. I consider it a privilege.

I’m a visual storyteller, always chasing the next big challenge and I’ve been lucky enough to collaborate with many global brands and creative agencies over the years, some of whom I now get to call friends. I’m drawn to human emotion and I create stills and films centred around people and life – inspired by that raw energy of a caught moment. I strive to keep my imagery honest and relatable, all delivered with a touch of cinematic gloss.

SILVER Winner - Pete Muller

These guys are avid gym goers and don’t let anything stand in their way. It was an inspiration to meet them and watch them train, they don’t hold back. No excuses for any of us.

James 1 – James has two prosthetic lower legs, but he lets nothing stand in his way.
James 2 – James on the running machine at the end of the workout.
Tyler 1 – Tyler performing a one legged front squat. He was only born with one leg, but that does not stop him.
Tyler 2 – Tyler showing perfect form with a kettlebell.
Tyler 3 – Tyler showing his physique off whilst performing some dips

© Pete Muller

I have been in the business now for over 20 years and there is not much i have not shot. I have always been a sporty person and i love to still work with sportspeople. i have a great appreciation of what the human body can achieve, how it can move and the shapes it creates and I love to capture this in the most dynamic way.

Congratulations to Finalists:

  • Aneesa Dawoojee
  • Matthew Joseph
  • Ben McDade
  • Pete Muller
  • David Ryle
  • Ed Smith
  • Phillip Suddick
  • David Vintiner

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