Kate Abbey in Conversation with Women Photographers

AOP f22 #herstories: Kate Abbey in conversation with Women Photographers

Welcome to #herstories. A collection of interviews by AOP photographer Kate Abbey with prominent Women Photographers with the aim of increasing Women’s visibility in this field – #herstories are also a means of championing the outstanding work and achievements of Women Photographers and creating a legacy for future generations to aspire to.

We look forward to sharing more f22 #herstory interviews and discussions as they become available and hosting them here, a one stop destination to immerse yourself in the inspirational talent of AOP Women Photographers.

About Kate Abbey

Kate Abbey is an advertising photographer and director, represented in London, New York and Shanghai. Her work is renowned for her storytelling approach that creates lifestyle and portrait imagery. Capturing the intimate and honest bonds between her subjects, she hides the meticulous consideration behind her effortless style.

Shooting campaigns for the likes of Amazon, Uber and Samsung she is equally at home directing on large-scale productions as she is working with skeleton teams. When not working on commissions, her personal work allows her to pursue her constant fascination with the humanity we all share.

Latest Talk

AOP f22 #herstory: Catherine Losing

Catherine Losing is an award winning photographer and director based in London. She’s know for her bold, colourful digital imagery commissioned by clients including YSL, IKEA and Vogue. Catherine’s acute visual sensibilities have built a reputation in the fine art world, becoming one of only four photographers commissioned for MOMA’s first fashion exhibition in over 70 years. She is also a mentor and lecturer, with a passion for helping under-represented and disadvantaged young people gain a foothold in the photography and film industries. More recently, Catherine has used photography to explore her mixed English, German and Ukrainian heritage. The resulting work has been exhibited internationally and received awards from The AOP. 



Images © Catherine Losing 

Previous Talks

AOP f22 #herstory: Sophie Ebrard

Sophie Ebrard is a worldwide acclaimed photographer and director based in Amsterdam.
Sophie’s work is focused on the human body. Whether shot on porn sets (It’s Just Love) or within the parameters of her own family (I didn’t want to be a Mum); her images explore the body in its purest form.

Drenched with natural light, intimacy and beauty, using unconventional crops, her images have a unique style. Filled with movement and energy, each still contains a story, a personal tale. She invites the viewer
to take a glimpse into worlds that are out-of-bounds. In a culture that is obsessed with authenticity, her photographs are real and cinematic.

Her work has been exhibited and published worldwide including at the National Portrait Gallery in London (in 2022 and 2015), Unseen Amsterdam, and in outlets such as Vanity Fair, Vogue, Time, The
Guardian, Dazed, BJP, Portrait of Britain….
Her commercial clients include Nike, Adidas, Google, Lululemon, John Lewis, Rolex, Heineken, HSBC, Samsung, Stella Artois, Volkswagen…


Images © Sophie Ebrard

AOP f22 #herstory: Kristina Varaksina
Kristina Varaksina received her Master’s in Photography from the Academy of Art University, San Francisco, in 2013. She currently lives and works in London. In her personal work, Varaksina explores the vulnerabilities, insecurities and self-search of a woman and an artist. Varaksina gives voice to subjects from different ethnic, socio-economic, and cultural backgrounds, she sees her job as a photographer to make “ordinary” people more visible and therefore, more valuable. Her commissioned work includes names like the BBC, TIME, The Guardian, Harper’s Bazaar, as well as many commercial clients. 
Images © Kristina Varaksina
AOP f22 #herstory: Amy Shore
Amy Shore is a worldwide automotive and lifestyle photographer based in Warwickshire, UK. After graduating as a silversmith in 2013, Amy began as a freelance wedding photographer. In 2015 she made the transition to Automotive and Lifestyle, her unique colour palette and eye for lighting and composition producing a contemporary style mixed with an old-world feel. Amy has work printed in over 100 publications across the globe. She has produced work for a number of leading brands such as Bentley, MINI, Ferrari, Jaguar Land Rover, Lamborghini, McLaren and Mercedes. In 2017, Amy became the youngest ever Nikon UK ambassador, holding workshops, talks and tutorials for the brand. In 2018, she was awarded the Rising Star award at the Amateur Photographer Awards. In March 2021, she became a Nikon Europe Ambassador. Amy found success through social media, sharing work and adventures on Instagram and has built a large following. She is a proud ambassador of Farer watches. As well as professional interest, Amy also has a personal interest in the automotive world, often travelling on road trips with her partner in one of their classic cars or motorcycles. In 2021, they co-founded a Jaguar E-Type restoration and servicing workshop.



Images © Amy Shore

AOP f22 #herstory: Chantel King
Kate Abbey in conversation with Chantel King discussing her route into professional photography, her creative inspirations, the importance of strong female role models and her commitment to learning on the job as an Assisting Photographer. Chantel shares her experiences and insights along with the drive and effort it takes to succeed and on developing her own aesthetic.


Images © Chantel King

AOP f22 #herstory: Wendy Carrig
Kate Abbey in conversation with Wendy Carrig, prolific and award winning photographer and founding member of AOP F22. From studying in Salisbury, her experience of photographing at Greenham Common through to the current day, Wendy shares her inspiration, influences and experience of bridging a documentary and fashion divide.


Images © Wendy Carrig

AOP f22 #herstory: Carol Allen Storey

AOP Photographers, Kate Abbey and Carol Allen Storey discuss Carol’s work, philosophy and career as a professional photographer. More from the #HerStory series from the f22 group of women photographers of the AOP.


Images © Carol Allen Storey

AOP f22 #herstory: Carolyn Mendelsohn

Another from the #HerStory series, hosted by AOP Photographer, Kate Abbey.
In this interview, Kate talks with AOP Photographer, Carolyn Mendelsohn about her work and practice. Brought to you by the f22 Women Photographers of the AOP


Images © Carolyn Mendelsohn

AOP f22 #herstory: Kirsty MacKay

More from the #HerStory series, hosted by AOP Photographer, Kate Abbey.
In this interview, Kate talks with photographer, Kirsty Mackay about her work and practice. Brought to you by the f22 Women Photographers of the AOP.

Kirsty Mackay is an photographic artist, educator, activist and filmmaker. Her research-led documentary practice highlights social issues surrounding gender, class and discrimination. She has an MA in Documentary photography from University of South Wales, Newport.

Her current book project The Fish That Never Swam, considers class and discrimination against working-class people. Combining first-person narratives with photographs, it takes Glasgow as a case study, looking at the root causes of the city’s poor health outcomes and lower life expectancy.

Examining the relationship between the environment, government policy, historical trauma, and public health. It shifts the emphasis from individual life style choices to the effects that political policies have on our bodies. It will be published as a book in 2021.

Her work has been exhibited internationally, most recently in the Facing Britain group show, an observation of British Documentary Photography since the 60’s alongside works by Martin Parr, Anna Fox & David Hurn, Museum Goch, Germany.

Images © Kirsty Mackay

AOP f22 #herstory: Rhiannon Adam

From the f22 group, AOP photographer and f22 working group member, Kate Abbey, talks with AOP photographer Rhiannon Adam about her career and newest projects.

Rhiannon Adam was born in Co. Cork, Ireland in the 80s. She studied Art and Design at Central Saint Martins before embracing Nabokov, banned books and nonsense poetry while studying English at the University of Cambridge.

Much of her work is influenced by her nomadic childhood spent sailing the world with her parents from the age of seven, in a listless quest for greener pastures. Photography was low on the list of her parent’s priorities, resulting in a severe lack of photographic evidence from that extended period. Upon returning to ‘mainstream’ society and attending school in the UK as a teenager, it became clear that the image was important, not just for a sense of self, but as a means of communication, proof, and explication for others – as a way of fitting in, of being understood.

In a quest to explore these missing elements in her own story and her intrinsic sense of ‘otherness’, she is often drawn to marginalised groups (including her own queer community), societal outliers, and remote populations fighting against convention. Rhiannon’s long-term projects are narrative based, and focus on discourses relating to myth, loneliness, the concept of utopia, and the intersection between fact and fiction.

In 2015, supported by the BBC/Royal Geographical Society, Adam travelled to the remote island community of Pitcairn in the South Pacific. Adam’s project Big Fence / Pitcairn Island made its debut at Francesca Maffeo Gallery in Spring 2018 before behind shown at the Photographers’ Gallery’s New Talent exhibition in 2019, at the Hull International Photography Festival 2019, at Photo Vogue Festival in 2019, at the Recontres d’Arles’ Night of the Year 2019, and, in 2020, won the Meitar Award for Excellence in Photography at Photo IS:RAEL. Big Fence/ Pitcairn Island will be released by Blow Up Press in 2021.

Outside of her own work, she can be found teaching workshops or writing, often in connection to her anorak-like obsession with instant photography. Her exhaustive resource on instant photography – Polaroid: The Missing Manual, The Complete Creative Guide is available from Thames and Hudson. In 2021, she is exploring the intersections of analogue and Web3, with a focus on NFTs and the myriad possibilities that they represent in the post-truth era.

Images © Rhiannon Adam

AOP f22 #herstory: Sandra Lousada

From the f22 Women Photographers of the AOP, photographer Sandra Lousada will be in conversation with Kate Abbey to discuss her illustrious career in the industry, spanning over 6 decades.

Sandra Lousada made her name as a portrait photographer in the 1960’s, and was commissioned to take pictures of Laurence Olivier, Vanessa Redgrave and David Hockney, amongst others, often revealing the intimate and private side of those that she captured. In more recent years, she became better known for her photography of children and families.

Her photographs have illustrated many books, including, London’s Parks and Gardens, and Hampstead Heath, and her book Public Faces Private Places: Portraits of Artists 1956-2008 was published in September 2009, and was accompanied by a major exhibition at the National Theatre. In 2011 she was granted a solo exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery and 40 of her images were purchased for the NPG collection.

Her inquisitive nature and desire to learn found her studying at St. Martin’s School of Art in her sixties and to this day she’s still intrigued by why photographers do what they do.

Images © Sandra Lousada

AOP f22 #herstory: Laura Pannack

From the f22 Women Photographers of the AOP activity, renowned AOP photographer Laura Pannack will be in conversation with Kate Abbey, about her award winning documentary photography. Q&A to follow.

Laura Pannack is a London based photographer.

Renowned for her portraiture and social documentary work, she seeks to explore the complex relationship between subject and photographer. Many of her work focusses on youth and adolescence. Her images are born from curiosity and a passion for exploration.

Images © Laura Pannack

AOP f22 #herstory: Julia Fullerton-Batten

Both highly successful AOP photographers, Kate Abbey talks with Julia Fullerton-Batten about Julia’s career in photography. Brought to you by the f22 Women Photographers of the AOP.

Julia Fullerton-Batten is a fine-art photographer renowned for her highly cinematic visual story-telling. Her large-scale projects are based around specific themes. Each image in the project embellishes her subject matter in a series of thought-provoking narrative ‘stories’ using staged tableaux and sophisticated lighting techniques.

Her fine-art work is globally renowned and exhibited. She has won countless awards worldwide, is frequently portrayed in photographic journals, has published two books, is a Hasselblad Ambassador and a frequent speaker at international workshops and a juror of international competitions. Her images are on the front covers of ‘A Guide to Collecting Contemporary Photography’. She has a permanent collection at the National Portrait Gallery, Musee de l’Elysee, Lausanne and the Parliamentary Art Collection, Houses of Parliament.

Images © Julia Fullerton-Batten

AOP f22 #herstory: Alys Tomlinson

From the f22 group, AOP photographer and f22 working group member, Kate Abbey, talks with AOP photographer, Alys Tomlinson, about her recent success in the Taylor Wessing and her career pathway.

Voted Photographer of the year in the Sony World Photography Awards (2018) and more recently First Prize at the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize (2020), Alys’s standing as a world class photographer cannot be disputed. Along with countless other awards, Alys has exhibited throughout the world whilst also taking advertising commissions.

Her first major study, Following Broadway is a collection of portraits taken over 4 years along the breadth of Broadway in New York and was published in 2013. Her more recent study on votive offering, taking her to France, Ireland and Poland, ties in with her continued interest into places of spiritual worship and pilgrimage. The study resulted in the publication Ex-Veto and is also extending to a feature length film called Vera, based around the life of one of the Orthodox nuns. More recently shooting on large format and B&W, her mesmerising imagery focuses on the players, landscapes and the interwoven faith in between.

Images © Alys Tomlinson

AOP f22 #herstory: Jillian Edelstein

From the f22 Women Photographers of the AOP activity, comes this talk in which renowned AOP photographer, Jillian Edelstein, talks with Kate Abbey, about aspects of her work. You can support Jillian’s forthcoming book here https://unbound.com/books/here-and-there/

Jillian began working as a press photographer in Johannesburg, South Africa. In 1985 she attended the London College of Printing (London College of Communications).  Her portraits have appeared in many publications including the New Yorker, The New York Times Magazine, The Financial Times Weekend Magazine, Vanity Fair, The Sunday Times Magazine and Interview.

She has received several awards and her photographs have been exhibited internationally at venues including The National Portrait Gallery, The Photographers’ Gallery, The Royal Academy, The OXO Gallery. Tom Blau Gallery in London, the Rencontres de La Photographie in Arles, France, the Bensusan Museum, Johannesburg, Robben Island Museum in Cape Town, South Africa and Dali International Photography Festival, Yunnan Province in China.

Images © Jillian Edelstein

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