AOP Student Awards 2023

Shining a light on the next generation of photographers and image makers

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We are delighted to announce the Finalists across the three categories of PEOPLE, PLACES and THINGS.
All this year’s finalists’ work is being exhibited at the Free Range graduate shows from 23 June 2023 until 2 July 2023.
Announcements of  the Category Gold and Silver winners, along with Best in Show is on Friday 23 June 2023.

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Watch the Student Awards announcements HERE, including a special thanks from Fujifilm to our Best In Show winner, which this year was jointly selected by our esteemed judges from PLACES.


Jimmy Fletcher – University of Gloucestershire, Photography: Editorial and Advertising BA (Hons)
for ‘Bempton’ a film about gannets on Bempton Cliffs


PEOPLE Category

This category covers any form of people-photography from portraiture to street photography, photojournalism and beyond. The People category is an opportunity to make visual comments about the human race and its ways.

Judged By: Julia Fullerton Batten

I really enjoyed judging the AOP Student Awards this year. There were load of entries and it took quite some time to look at all of them. When judging I look out for interesting storytelling, creativity, technical quality and the impact the image has on me…”  [my winning] entries really impressed me with their “unique storytelling and style’.

Lucie Böhmová – Solent University Southampton, Photography course.

Makasia Baisden – Norwich University of the Arts, BA Photography 

Jack Groves – Birmingham City University, BA Hons Photography

Kasia Kowalska – London Metropolitan University, BA Photography

Ethan Johnson Talbot – Birmingham City University., 2nd Yr BA Hons Photography

Natalia Krezel – Royal College of Art (MA) 

Nick Teo – Arts University Bournemouth, Commercial Photography

Reuben Worlledge – Oxford Brookes University, BA Photography

PLACES Category

Rather than duplicate possible locations such as landscapes and architecture, we offer this category which provides unlimited opportunities. We promise that we will be as flexible as you need us to be.

Judged by Krishna Sheth

“It was such a pleasure judging the AOP Student Awards for 2023. Such a wide spectrum of entries within the [Places] category, but for me the Gold and Silver winners shone through.”

Marcell Berendi – 

Ophelia Boman Jorgensen – 

George Cook – 

Christina Filimon – London Metropolitan University, BA Photography

Jimmy Fletcher – University of Gloucestershire, Photography: Editorial and Advertising BA (Hons)

James A Knowles – Edinburgh College and supplied via RGU’s Gray’s School of Art, BA Photography

Kathryn McGeary – Morley College Chelsea, HND Photography

Kai McDonald – 

William Ross Niven – University of Cumbria, BA (Hons) Photography Degree

Jolanta Plebankiewicz – Edinburgh College, BA Photography

Alexandru R Popescu – 

Elsa Santa Cruz – 

Varvara Uhlik – Camberwell College of Arts, UAL, Bachelor of Fine Art: Photography

Jaime Walker – The University of Brighton, Photography BA(Hons) Degree

Charlotte Whiteside –

Kasia Kowalska – London Metropolitan University, BA Photography

Things Category

This category covers almost everything else. Think Irving Penn’s found objects, Mapplethorpe’s flowers, Ori Gersht’s explosions, cats, dogs, bats and monkeys by Tim Flach, and sublime still-lifes by Richard Maxted and then make something unique and sensational of your own. We can’t wait to see your work.

Judged by Ian Potter

“It is always a huge honour to be asked to judge any kind of photographic competition, but having little clue what I might be in for, and little forethought as to how I might judge something as broad as ‘Things’, it was daunting in equal measure. However, I needn’t have worried. As soon as I started looking at the entries online, it immediately became apparent what my starting point would be. Does it interest me? Does it force me to stop and look and read further? From there it became easier. There were the usual competent but fundamentally uninspiring entries, there were unfortunately entries I felt were in the wrong category. There were those trying too hard and falling down, and there was a smattering of really-good-but-not-quite-there entries, stories which had a lovely backbone, but needed a little more fleshing out. Finally, after much consideration I settled on about 5, then 3.

 I personally would like to thank the AOP for their continued support of emerging talent in our ever-changing industry, and all those who made the effort to take part. Don’t be upset if you are not included as a finalist, participating in competition is all part of the learning curve. Competitions show us what is out there, and what people are up to – they also demonstrate how differently we all see the world. Try to understand what the judges have seen in the finalists, whether you agree with them or not. And something you should learn asap as an image maker, is that your work will always be judged, and very often by people far less qualified than you! Take it in, don’t reject it. It’s all part of the creative business.”

Maya Brasington – Falmouth University, BA Photography

Olivia Eden – Falmouth University, BA Photography

Lauren Gilholm – Newcastle College University Centre, BA Hons Photography course

Zhang Haowei – Goldsmiths College Uol, MA Photography, Image and Electronic Arts course.

Kasia Kowalska – London Metropolitan University, BA Photography

Yiying Lai – Goldsmiths, University of London, MA Photography

Anna Lisa Ming – 

Alexander Norman – 

Nicholas Olawunmi – 

Antonia Penia – London College of Fashion at UAL, Master’s in Fashion Photography

Emily-Rose Wilson – 

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