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Ask us Anything! All you ever wanted to know about AdGreen

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13.00, Wednesday 12 May, Zoom

All you ever wanted to know about AdGreen

Meet Jo Coombes from AdGreen who will be on hand to take your question on all things sustainable production include the new Carbon Calculator and Levy. Jo will be joined by our very own Emma Taylor, who will be on hand to help with your enquiries.

Find out more about the Carbon Calculator:

  • What it is
  • Who it’s for
  • Types of activities that can be put into it
  • Who will see the information
  • When it’s coming

And the AdGreen Levy:

  • What is it,
  • What will be the %
  • What’s included
  • What’s excluded
  • How it’s collected
  • How to register as a levy collector
  • Whether advertisers need to register
  • Recognition agreements (i.e. how your clients can let you know they’re happy to pay it)

So if you are a photographer, agent or organise productions join us. Places are free!

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