40 Years of Women at St John's College, Cambridge

Install shots Photography by © Richard Marsham

An exhibition of photographs shot by AOP member Kate Peters last summer has just launched at St John’s College Cambridge.

“Eight path-beating Johnian women, whose diverse careers have spanned the heights of government, the hidden worlds of human cells and the wild expanses of the Southern Ocean, are celebrated in a new exhibition of photographic portraits marking 40 years of women at the College.


Each alumna portrayed in the series, unveiled in the College’s new Café, has transformed the world around her, whether by using storytelling to advocate for minority women, researching the ground beneath our feet to improve building safety, or leading change within the spheres of law and the senior Civil Service.

The portraits, which capture the eight subjects in their daily surroundings, provide a contemporary counterpoint to the historic artworks displayed in Hall at St John’s, allowing the spirit and achievements of women and younger alumnae to be recognised.

Including the images and a couple of install shots. Please let me know if you’d like any more info.
Install shots credit Photography by Richard Marsham

Install shots Photography by © Richard Marsham

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