AOP Student Awards Winners 2023

© Todd Antony 

We are delighted to announce the Finalists across the three categories of PEOPLE, PLACES and THINGS. All finalist work will be exhibited at Free Range graduate show from 23 June 2023 until 2 July 2023.

Category winners along with Best in Show were announced on Friday 23 June 2023

All images © of named photographers               Featured Image above – © Alexander Norman, GOLD Winner, Things category 2023

People Category

© Nicolas Teo
GOLD:  Nick Teo, Arts University Bournemouth, Commercial Photography.
Moving Entry: ‘I am not my Diagnosis’

“Winning gold in the people category of the AOP student awards has been a surreal and emotional experience. Like many artists, I have always had an immense amount of self doubt, but being recognised and awarded by an organisation like AOP has given me a massive confidence boost and I feel so excited to create more. 

I’m really glad that I Am Not My Diagnosis was the project that won as well. I live with bipolar disorder and struggled immensely when I was first diagnosed, I wanted to use my experience to help other people who have been through something similar. Now that I’ve received this award and AOP is shining a spotlight on the project, I feel like I’m I can help so many more people with my work, its not only a win for me as an artist but a win for everyone who lives with a diagnosis as well.”

© Rueben Worlledge
SILVER:  Rueben Worlledge, Oxford Brookes University, Photography BA
Moving Entry:  ‘A Good Place To Be’ 

“To be given silver in the AOP Student Awards was a very special moment for me and to be a long side such high quality work, I feel honoured to be chosen. A huge thank you to Julia Fullerton-Batten for giving my film silver and AOP for hosting the awards.”

Places Category

© Cristina Filimon
GOLD:   Christina Filimon, London Metropolitan, BA Photography
Series Entry:  Dimineața (Morning), 2023 

“I am absolutely thrilled and deeply honoured to have won Gold in ‘Places’ category at the AOP Student Awards! This recognition holds special meaning to me as it validates the passion and dedication I pour into my work. My series, born out of a personal interest in memory and the transient nature of the human condition, was driven by a profound desire to reconnect with the landscapes that shaped my earliest memories. 

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Krishna Sheth, for truly understanding and appreciating the essence of my project. As a photography student, it is not uncommon to doubt oneself and feel unheard, but this Gold Award has made me feel truly seen and heard outside of my immediate academic environment. Krishna’s recognition of how my work evoked nostalgic memories underscores the powerful emotional connection that photography can create.

I am immensely thankful for the opportunity to participate in the AOP Student Awards and for the unwavering support I have received on my creative journey. This recognition is a powerful inspiration to push myself even further and continue developing my skills. Thank you, Krishna, and thank you AOP for this incredible privilege!”

© Jimmy Fletcher
SILVER:  Jimmy Fletcher, University of Gloucestershire, Photography: Editorial and Advertising BA (Hons)
Moving Entry:    ‘Bempton’

 “I am beyond delighted to have won silver in the places category and best in show. Hearing my name and seeing my work on screen at the announcement had me absolutely buzzing! I am still in complete shock! I have often doubted myself and my talent, but to have my vision and hard work recognised in such a prestigious competition has really boosted my confidence. I am now feeling very positive and excited for what the future holds for me.”



Jimmy Fletcher, University of Gloucestershire, Photography: Editorial and Advertising BA (Hons)

Moving Entry:    ‘Bempton’

Things Category

© Alexander Norman
GOLD:   Alexander Norman, Falmouth University
Series Entry:       ‘I Float Alone’

“I Float Alone is a universe that has haunted me since I first stepped into it. What it is I will never say but what it makes you feel is what truly matters. Winning this Category is a truly beautiful feeling, it means the world to me.

I’m 20 years old and have just finished my first year at Falmouth University. My work is about the things you cannot explain. I believe art should be like trying to recall a dream, words cannot quite grasp it’s emotion. I cannot thank the AOP enough for giving us this platform to express ourselves. “

© Kasia Kowalska
SILVER:  Kitty Kowalska, London Metropolitan, BA Photography
Series:   Flora

“As a photography student, I have entered AOP Student Awards in every year of my studies, and had been delighted to be shortlisted before. To not only be shortlisted, but to actually be awarded Silver Award in Things category in my final year, is a dream come true. To say that I am delighted, humbled and surprised – all rolled into one! – does not do it justice. Flora forms part of my latest body of work in which I photograph botanical specimens from my garden and my environs. Some of these plants I grew from seed; nurtured them, tended to them, and saw them perish as seasons turned. The project has a profound hold on me, and I intend to continue with it. To hear Ian Potter reflect on its timeless appeal, its captivating nature, its bewitching beauty means a great deal to me, because I know he understands it perfectly. To be understood as an artist and a photographer; to hear such words from someone of Ian’s stature and experience… well, that is priceless. Thank you Ian, and thank you AOP for championing emerging talent and giving us students this fantastic opportunity year after year. “

© Olivia Eden
SILVER:  Olivia Eden, Falmouth University, BA Photography
Series:  ‘Sea Change’

“I am so honoured to have been selected as a silver winner for the AOP student awards. I feel very rewarded for the hard work I put into these darkroom prints and motivated to continue my process. I have met some inspiring, like-minded artists through this award too, which I am so grateful for”

AOP Accredited Course of The Year 2023

London Metropolitan University, BA Photography

As voted for by AOP Accredited Course Students and winner for the second year running.

AOP Lecturer Of The Year 2023

James Cant

As voted for by AOP Accredited Course Students and winner for the second year running.

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