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ColourfulAOP presents: Networking & Gatekeepers

Developing your network and connecting with the right people can be problematic. Where do you start when it comes to growing your network and connecting with Agents, Art Buyers and Producers? What stops you from making contact with the right people that get what you do, understand your process and will champion your work and career?

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Recording Date: Thursday 20 October 2022, 19:00 GMT

Online via Zoom 

Does the process differ for photographers of colour and underrepresented groups? Are you getting the same chances and opportunities?

Join us for a dedicated discussion on maximising your networking, navigating gatekeepers and other obstacles.

Our panel consists of

  • Darren Sital-Singh of Studio Pi
  • Melanie Grant of The Economist 1843 Magazine
  • Milana Karaica, Founder & Executive Creative Producer at NERD Productions, Cultural Diversity & Equality Advocate
  • Hamish Crooks, AOP Chair

Share your experiences (good and bad) of trying to make contact or submit questions for the panel in advance via this form.


About Colourful AOPThe Colourful AOP group has been established to address the issue of diversity and equality within the photography sector. Made up of AOP members they have a dedicated forum and the objectives of the group are as follows:

  • To challenge and address the inequality within the photographic and creative industry and increase the awareness of photographers of colour.
  • To set achievable initiatives as part of the AOP and set completion dates for agreed initiatives to encourage fulfilment and stimulate new initiatives
  • To change the perception/opinion of the decision makers and broaden the view of why they use people of colour to shoot certain types of images
  • Along with the AOP, to apply positive pressure on those who make the decisions or are seen as gatekeepers
  • To give additional support and nurture AOP members of colour
  • To attract younger photographers of colour to the AOP
  • To be positive, uplifting, inspiring and celebratory for all communications, events, etc.

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Image © Ira Giorgetti

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