The Economist’s 1843 magazine

© Eugene Tumusiime, 1843 magazine

1843 magazine is The Economist’s sister publication, named for the year The Economist was founded. At 1843 magazine we tell extraordinary stories from around the world, long-form, narrative journalism that covers the enduring issues of our age from the ground up. We also report on design, food and culture.

1843 tells stories that enlighten and entertain, with all the rigour and independence that readers expect of The Economist. Each one is accompanied by specially commissioned photographs and illustrations. The Economist is a weekly news magazine based in London, first published in 1843. 

© Eugene Tumusiime, 1843 magazine
© Eugene Tumusiime, 1843 magazine

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The Economist’s 1843 magazine mentorship programme

The Economist’s 1843 magazine, sister publication to The Economist, has launched a mentorship programme for black photographers to help create a pipeline for black talent. 1843 magazine publishes long reads and narrative journalism, and emphasises visual storytelling in all its pieces.