The Association of Photographers was first formed in 1968 as the Association of Fashion and Advertising Photographers and is one of the most prestigious professional photographers’ associations in the world.

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AOP 360° – Looking Ahead to 2023 #9

With many still recovering from the effects of lockdowns and the pandemic, how best to face further uncertain times?
Sarah Williams of Darklight Art shares her insights and tips to help you navigate the coming months and year ahead.

Dean Belcher: Global Underground

Dean Belcher: Global Underground I have worked with Global Underground since 1998. Recently we continued the City series with a shoot in Antwerp with the

Frost Fair

1st December 2022 – 31st January 2023 Bankside will turn into a feast of art, food, drink and events.

Julia Fullerton Batten’s short film ‘1814 Frost fair’ will be shown every 15 minutes throughout the campaign (60 days) on Uber boats Thames Clipper and my images will be projected on large screens on the side of buildings.

AOP f22 #herstories: Kate Abbey in conversation with Chantel King

Kate Abbey in conversation with Chantel King discussing her route into professional photography, her creative inspirations, the importance of strong female role models and her commitment to learning on the job as an Assisting Photographer. Chantel shares her experiences and insights along with the drive and effort it takes to succeed and on developing her own aesthetic.

Photographers: Best Practice In Assisting

Maximising your opportunities as an Assisting Photographer. Join us for a session presented by the AOP Assistants Working Group designed to help you make the most out of being an Assisting Photographer.

The Story Behind The Robot

The Story Behind the Robot.
AOP member Jason Butcher writes about using a robot arm in the studio.

“I’ve been shooting motion of products and people for over twenty years. Subjects such as cameras, TV’s, laptops, printers, scanners, even shower controllers demand smooth moves that can transition well in the edit.

AI, TDM and IP…?! What are all these acronyms, and why should I care?! 

AI, TDM and IP…?! What are all these acronyms, and why should I care?! 
Acronym – (noun) A word formed from, or based on, the initial letters or syllables of other words.

The world is full of them, seemingly nowhere more so than in the land of the creative industries. We have acronyms for everything, but there are some that you need to be aware of and, dare we say it, take an interest in. The following is an attempt to unpick where we, as image-makers, stand in regard to the development of Artificial Intelligence (there’s your first acronym… ‘AI’).

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The AOP Photography Awards are known as the ‘Oscars’ of the photography world. They celebrate excellence in the creative photography and image-making industry.
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